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A. Fixed Route Services:

1. Sonoma County Transit

  • Provides county transit bus service that travels to Petaluma, Sonoma, Sebastopol, Guerneville, the 101 corridor north to Cloverdale.
  • Local transit bus service in Rohnert Park, Windsor, and Cloverdale.
  • Summer service to Bodega Bay

Sonoma Transit Website
Schedules and Maps

2. Petaluma Transit

  • Local transit bus service for Petaluma

Petaluma Transit Website
Transit System Map

3. Santa Rosa CityBus

  • Provides transit bus service for the City of Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa CityBus Website
System Map

4. Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sonoma State University

  • Local 10, 12 & 14 serve Rohnert Park, Cotati and Sonoma State University.
  • Route 10 is a loop through Rohnert Park and Cotati while 12 & 14 are loops that serve Northern Rohnert Park. All three routes intersect.

Schedules & Maps

5. Windsor Transit

  • Provides local transit circulator

Schedule & Maps

6. Cloverdale

  • Provides local transit circulator

Schedule & Maps

7. Healdsburg Transit

  • Healdsburg Transit (HT) operates a public transit service within the Healdsburg city limits. A variable fixed route service runs Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. with deviations made for eligible residents of limited mobility.

More Details

8. Sebastopol

  • Provides local transit circulator

Schedules & Maps

9. Guerneville

  • Provides local transit circulator

Schedules & Maps

10. Golden Gate Transit

  • Provides commuter and standard service between Marin County, San Francisco, and Sonoma County.
  • Call 415-455-2000 or 511


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B. Paratransit Services:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public transit operators to provide a special service to eligible disabled and elderly individuals whose disabilities prevent them from using lift-equipped public transit. The special service, called “paratransit service,” is required by the ADA to complement fixed route public transit service.

This service operates at similar times and in similar areas (defined by the ADA as a minimum of three-quarters of a mile on either side) of existing public fixed route transit, non-commute bus and van routes. The ADA also requires transit operators to establish specific eligibility criteria for users of paratransit service and requires there be no trip priorities (e.g. medical versus recreation) on ADA paratransit services.

In order to receive service, all paratransit passengers must be ADA certified by completing an in-person evaluation. To schedule an appointment for evaluation call (707) 541-7180 if:

  1. You are unable to independently board, ride, or exit an accessible transit bus, a fixed route van, or similar transit vehicle because of your disability.
  2. You are able to independently board, ride, and exit an accessible bus, but accessible bus or van equipment has not been assigned to your route, or a bus or van lift cannot be deployed at your stop. (Please note: All Sonoma County, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Healdsburg Transit buses and vans are lift-equipped.)
  3. You are unable to travel to or from a transit stop because of your disability.

1. Volunteer Wheels

  • Volunteer Wheels provides elderly and disabled individuals with transportation from their homes to important appointments and errands, enabling them to live more independently. Volunteer Wheels serves as the ADA paratransit operator for Sonoma County Transit.

Volunteer Wheels Website

2. Petaluma Paratransit

  • Transportation for ADA-eligible persons in Petaluma is available by calling Petaluma Paratransit at 707-778-4460.

Petaluma Paratransit Website
Petaluma Paratransit Riders Guide 2013

3. Santa Rosa Paratransit

  • The City contracts with MV Transportation to provide dial-a-ride (i.e. door to door) transportation services within the Santa Rosa city limits and the unincorporated Roseland area. To be eligible, the disability must prevent you from using fixed route transit (Santa Rosa CityBus or other transit systems).

Santa Rosa Paratransit Website
Santa Rosa Paratransit Users Guide

4. Healdsburg Paratransit

  • For eligible seniors 60+ and disabled individuals under the age of 60 years, Healdsburg Transit offers a door-to-door deviation service. Eligibility is determined by application.

Healdsburg Paratransit Website

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C. Volunteer Driver Programs

1. Sebastopol Area Senior Center

  • The VOLUNTEER DRIVER TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM is a community based, volunteer program which provides rides to medical and social service appointments to people 60 and over from the West County areas.

Volunteer Driver Transportation Program Website

2. Vintage House (Sonoma)

  • Volunteer drivers provide transportation for visually challenged seniors in order that they can attend the Vintage Vision Program.

Vintage House Website

3. F.I.S.H.

  • A cadre of dedicated drivers provides rides to medical appointments for individuals who are unable to use local transportation.

F.I.S.H. Website

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D. Agency Provided Rides

1. American Cancer Society – Roads to Recovery

  • The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery program provides transportation to and from treatment for people who have cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. Volunteer drivers donate their time and the use of their cars so that patients can receive the life-saving treatments they need.


2. Jewish Family and Children’s Services

  • Part of keeping seniors healthy and independent is making sure that they are able to get out and around their communities. Comprised of volunteer drivers, JFCS vans, and taxi vouchers, JFCS RIDES provides seniors, as well as people with disabilities, transportation to medical and dental appointments, the grocery store, the pharmacy, and other critical errands.


3. Sonoma County Indian Health Project

  • Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc. (SCIHP) was established in 1971 by a group of leaders from the Indian communities of SonomaCounty.  Their goal was to provide health care for all Indians of Sonoma County and to provide services in a manner which is sensitive to the culture and traditions of the local Indian Tribes.
  • Transportation services are provided on a limited basis for clinical services to eligible Native Americans.  For availability, please call 521-4566.


4. Becoming Independent

  • Provides transportation services for individuals over the age of 18 enrolled in day classes at the BI facility.
  • Provides instruction in activities and skills essential to successful everyday living. The skills are wide ranging and include the most basic and incidental, to the very sophisticated and personal. BI provides individualized programs for each person served, promoting personal choice based on areas of interests and passions.


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E. Veterans

1. Vets Connect

  • Provides outreach to all former military service members (male AND female) and their families, and to assist those persons in gaining access to services and benefits due them for their service to our country.


2. Veterans Resource Center

  • If you are a veteran interested in our services, please go to the individual site links below for our locations, contact information and the programs and services we offer to veterans from all eras.


3. Disabled American Veterans

  • The DAV Volunteer Transport Network is operated by the DAV Transportation Coordinator. The shuttles make only ONE run per day to the VA Medical Center from their point of origin.


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F. Travel Training

1. City of Santa Rosa CityBus Travel Training

  • Travel Training Program is designed to introduce seniors to the benefits of riding Santa Rosa CityBus. Taking a little time to learn how to utilize CityBus services gives anyone the independence they need to get where they need to go, when they want to go!

Learn to Ride CityBus

2. City of Petaluma Transit Travel Training

  • Petaluma Transit’s Travel Training Program will teach you how to use the various buses in our fleet.

Petaluma Transit Travel Training Program

3. Sonoma County Transit Travel Training

  • Travel training is available through Sonoma County  Transit to assist physically challenged riders to become more independent by familiarizing them with using the fixed-route bus service. This service is also helpful to persons who may be using Sonoma County Transit for the first time.


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